Craig in Afghanistan - 2012

What Happened

On Dec 6th, 2012 my only son, Cpl Craig Maddy USMC was shot in the head by an unknown assailant just outside of Palms Springs CA.

To date the State of California has yet to process the evidence
and the perpetuator remains at large.

or email Det. Jim Hennson

Craig had just returned from deployment in Afghanistan where he served as a machine gunner on an armored vehicle and participated in over 300 combat missions, surviving three IED attacks. We thought he was "home safe" when he returned in October.

While out celebrating a birthday, Craig and his buddy’s unknowingly found themselves in a local gang hang out. After an apparent altercation, Craig and his friends were returning to the Marine base at Twenty-nine Palms when they were chased down in the night and had their car fired on over a dozen times with an AK-47!

 Craig Maddy ID'd as Marine shot in Desert Hot Springs

Please pray for our son's continued recovery and share his tragic story with as many people as you can. We want to help Craig’s recovery and get out the message that there's a cancer amongst our youth. Americans have carried guns for hundreds of years, but it's only been in the last generation where opening fire on a car full of unarmed boys has become common place.

Craig’s Status

After months at the Navel Med Center in San Diego fighting to survive, Craig’s condition continued to improve sufficiently for him to be transferred home to Houston Texas.

In addition to the world class medical care Craig’s receiving, mom and dad are Craig's full time caregivers providing daily physical therapy, grooming and all the love and support we can gather.

We want to thank everyone around the world for all the prayers and out pouring of love and concern. We have NO DOUBT that your prayers have helped save Craig’s life. Thank you Lord!


Craig is the All-American boy. In addition to playing the guitar, Craig was always active in sports; rollerblading, playing soccer, football and Lettered in baseball in high school.

An outgoing, responsible and charismatic young man, Craig is confident without being arrogant. Craig is a young man who holds himself to the highest standards of personal accountability.

Mom has experienced Craig’s charisma when walking through Craig’s high school and having students stop her and declare; “You Craig’s mom? Craig’s the Man!”

The summer after high school Craig’s grandmother experienced the same phenomenon in Rome Italy where after a night on the town, all day people would come up to Craig on the streets and greet him like an old friend.

In his special way Craig has touched countless people and smashed stereotypes of the “Typical American Teenager”.